Universal Engine Construction

The universal motor is a unique motor that can work in both types of power supplies, it is the most employed and is present in sewing machines, waxers, blenders and in various appliances, and also in portable machines such as saws, drills and sanders.

The construction and principle of operation of this machine are the same as those of the DC motor and can operate either with direct current or alternating current.

The universal motors feature a high starting torque and a tendency to trip, but allow you to change the speed when the supply voltage value varies.

When the universal motor is powered by alternating current, changing the current direction causes variation in the field 415082 timken of both the rotor and the stator. In this way, the conjugate will continue to rotate in the same initial direction, not offering reversal of the normal direction of rotation.

The universal motors have high torque and as stated earlier, they tend to fire frequently, but they allow the advantage of slowing the speed according to the supply voltage. Its power does not exceed 500W or 0.75hp and allows a speed of up to 15,000 rpm.