Type of paints for houses and application

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Apply the second coat
This sixth step will depend a lot on the type of paint used. Anyway, we can say that, in about
four hours, the wall will be able to receive the second coat. It is the final finish, made with the
same movements as the previous step.
Do not forget the corners and any doors and windows. Wait for it to dry.
Type of paints for houses
The type of paint to be used in a masonry house basically depends on the environment –
whether indoor or outdoor – and the type of finish and coverage desired. You can get more
details in the post entirely dedicated to the different types of paint – just click here.
With more than two thousand colors of superior quality and fast drying, Goldencor Tintas has
Premium, Standard and Economy paint lines for the different environments of a masonry
In addition, we have all the products you need for a perfect finish – from solvent-based sealer,
through spackle. Enjoy your visit to our blog and contact us to budget your project, by clicking
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