Home paints: decorative style and test paint

Check in this text the contemporary decorative style and the explanation of the test painting.
Decorative style

The environments with a contemporary, clean and sophisticated style, ask for a soft color, be it
the traditional white or off white tones, when you want color, it is used in the accessories to
give more life and break the neutral of beige or gray. For less used styles, like retro, primary
and vibrant colors like yellow, blue and red or secondary colors like purple, orange and green
are used, but in this case, it can also be used in just one room or on a single highlighted wall, in
addition to to use on furniture.
Test paint
Before choosing the color and buying the paint, choose 3 colors and paint 3 environmental test
walls to check how it looks in your home. Be aware that the influence of light, natural lighting
or the lamps you use in the environment can make the color lighter or darker. Choose to pass
under a white background, as the color used below can also influence the actual color of the
paint. Newton house painting