Home paints colors and tones

Living room wall with light earth tone. Earthy tone on the facade. The bathroom walls were
painted an earthy color. Wooden facade enhances the brown tone
Pastel tones
The pastel tones are perfect to compose the backdrop of a decoration with minimalist style.
They are soft, elegant and leave any room in the house with a touch of charm.
Walls painted with light lilac. Light and romantic pink on the walls.
Tips for using colors in decoration and on the facade
Here are some interesting ways to use colors and recommendations:
Consider ceiling painting
If you want to use one of the colors in the decoration, consider painting the “fifth wall”. The
ceiling with a different color can be visually interesting in the layout of the room. In some
spaces, it is even possible to make use of graphic patterns, as is the case with stripes.
Ceiling painted with black and white stripes.
An interesting tip for the space to appear bigger is to create sections in the painting of the
walls. Use two colors in the composition, in order to obtain contrast at the top. This strategy is
super hot and has the power to make the ceiling higher. Wall paiting colors tips for interior