DC Motor with Independent Excitation

There are several types of DC electric motor according to the number of continuous sources used and the way the field and armature windings are connected. If only one direct current source is used, then the field and armature windings must be connected in series, giving rise to the series DC motor 120996.00 leeson or in parallel, giving rise to the shunt DC motor.

On the other hand, if two independent DC sources are used, then there is a DC motor with independent excitation. Each of these types of DC motor presents a slightly different performance in terms of torque curve or velocity as a function of the armature current and, therefore, has different application. The armature adjustment is used for drives of machine tools like advance tools, friction torque, piston pumps, compressors. The field balance in turn is used to drive peripheral cutting machines, such as in veneering of logs, lathes, winders, textile machines, etc. The motor rotation can be bypassed, keeping the flux (F) constant and varying the armature voltage, or keeping the armature voltage fixed and changing the flow (field control).