Among the stars on the menu, the lacquered duck is exquisite.

With houses all over the world and originating from London, the
Hakkasan Chinese restaurant has an intimate, dark and club-like
atmosphere. In an imposing room, the wooden divisions between the
tables make the house much sought after by celebrities, for its privacy,
without losing the hype. It’s worth going with a group and asking for the
specialties to share. Restaurants in the Paulista and Consolação region are easy to
The surroundings of the most famous avenue in São Paulo and the neighboring
district are full of excellent addresses, serving healthy, vegan, homemade meals for
everyday life, at cheaper or more expensive prices, with sophisticated recipes for
special moments. Many have free wi-fi. Let’s go to them: For those who just want to
snack, after or before a session at the Bela Artes cinema (next door) or after a tour of the
museums and galleries of Avenida Paulista or decoration stores in Consolação, the
dessert section of the menu is worth it: in addition to ice cream, there’s petit gateau,
brownie, churro pie… Specialized in Mexican food: guacamole, tacos, baby drinks.